It’s wonderful to be Mum

It’s almost 2 years since that amazing day happened and I become a Mum naturally. Even you are ready for that new role or not, it still a lot of unexpected experiences but above all it’s wonderful to be Mum.


Becoming a Mum is a totally new job that I have ever done before. My life turns into a new page with full of joy, happiness, touchiness, difficulty and pride. I am not a girl sitting in an office in Saigon anymore. I am a mother of a little girl now. I realise that “The Holiday Is Over” and “A New Job” is just starting. I have to go along with that for life. It sounds a bit odd and scary but that’s the truth and most of mum-to-be not recognise it until they take the job.

In the other hand, having baby is such a beautiful thing in life. My baby brings a lot of joy and happiness into my life. I can sit there and look at her sleeping the whole day without boring. All the sadness and difficulties disappear when I see my baby’s smile. By experience the motherhood, I now understand what my Mum have done for me and how deep the love of Mother for their children.

But looking after baby is very hard job. I have never got a full sleep since my daughter came along and now it just became the habit. I can’t deny that broken sleep is a common thing happening with all parents. The most exciting thing I have been experienced during my motherhood is becoming an important person to someone else. My daughter looks at me as a secure person who will protect her at anytime and the only one she is comfortable for rest. That makes me feel so responsible and proudly myself.

Time will go very quick, before I know my daughter will turn 21. But in my heart and my mind she will always my little darling, very very little baby. Thanks God for bringing her into my life and thanks Louise for your arrival at our family. By having Louise I become a Mum like today.


(P/S: Thanks my darling husband for all the support and love.)

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