The fateful day (Part 1)

Saigon autumn 2009

I went to the office as normal as every day at 8 a.m.; there is a bit sprinkle when I arrived. My boss is in her room with the cup of hot black coffee already half drunk. She is always the earliest. I did try couple times to be the first person getting to the office but no chance. I waved and smiled at her with a quick hello before heading to my room. She is a nice enough person but there is something I cannot connect between her and me. I have been working here for a year but I still feel I am a newcomer.

There are 3 people in my saleroom. We are in charge of different jobs. I promote and trade the products in construction and building field. The other girl is accountant cum sale admin. And the last one – the only man in our office – is selling saw blades for woodwork. I sit down and start checking my work emails first, the rain is just starting to fall outside the window.

It’s autumn now but Saigon is in the southern part of Vietnam and it has more tropical weather than the northern part. It has rainy season and dry season. September is just in the middle of rainy season. But never mind rain in Saigon, it doesn’t last very long. They are more like a shower or two then stop and start again later. That cools down the temperature and we always have cool breeze in the afternoon. I hate going out while it’s raining but I have to go today. It has been planned 2 weeks ago with a list of new potential customers I am seeking for at VietBuild Trade Show.

After responding to some emails, I will make a few follow up phone calls with customers. The shower already stopped, the sun is shining through the leaves on the tree in front of our office, reflecting in the window and sliding into the room. I walk down to the car park to get on my motorbike. It’s so nice riding around the city after rain. Everything covers a new coat, the street is cleaner, the air is fresher, and the trees are greener. Sometimes mild winds gently shake the tree and make the remaining storm water on the tree drop down to my shoulder. It’s so refreshing to start my day.

View from Reunification Palace.

View from Reunification Palace – Saigon 2009

(To be continued)

* Thoa Read *


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