4 must-have things for Mother-to-be

Firstly, congratulation if you are pregnant when you read this post. There are a lot of important things you need to plan for having baby. But from my experience during pregnancy and after birth, I think there are 4 things you must have in your plan before becoming a Mum.

  1. Health. With a good plan for your health before you are getting pregnant, it will be a bonus later. We are talking about making a baby and growing a human being later, so a Mum needs to be very healthy. Stay healthy pre and during pregnancy giving you a good chance to have a healthy baby, quick recovery after birth and good endurance to look after kid during motherhood.
  2. Knowledge about Motherhood. It’s never too much when you learn something else, especially when you are becoming a Mum. That includes diet during pregnancy, breastfeeding, first solid foods for baby etc., even sex after birth and contraception.
  3. Finance. Having baby costs a lot more than you thought. I would say you would need to have a lump sum of money for all expenses for at least 1 year without working. If your family can live on one income and you decide to be a stay-at-home-mum later, it will benefit a lot for your kid. The first 5 years are very important to growing a kid, so if you have good savings it can give you a good choice to look after your kid by yourself and you only concentrate on that job, not worries about financial conditions.
  4. Supportive partner. Yes, your husband is a lovely man, he loves you very much, he looks after you from a very small things etc.… (That’s why you married him not the ex-boyfriend). But you still need something more than love, that’s the support. If your partner is not ready to be a father or he doesn’t have a clear answer about that, please don’t take the job yourself. Becoming a Mum is a big and hardest job in the world. It needs a lot of share, love, sympathies and supports from your very closest person – your partner.

I hope this post gives you some helpful idea and you will have a better plan for having kids. I wish all the best to you and mother-to-be.

P/S: This post only a preference for couples who plan to have kid. Other specific cases are not compatible with this. I only discuss what I am thinking about motherhood’s journey and it’s always good when you learn from other’s experiences, especially when you are going in the same road.

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3 thoughts on “4 must-have things for Mother-to-be

  1. This is definitely amazing advice!! For our little unplanned surprise I only had the bottom one….a lovely partner! I wouldn’t have it any other way now 🙂
    My little monkey is the best thing that has ever happened to me ❤

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