Stay-at-home-mum is a “luxury job”

I call it a job because it has the same concept with others. The differences are the workplace (is your home), the boss (is yourself), and the customer (is your child). Maybe some of you will not agree with me about that. But as an ex-worker and a stay-at-home-mum at the moment, I believe that my job now is the best job ever. There are 4 reasons why I call it a “luxury job”.

  1. Have flexible time. Yes I have never enjoyed my time like now. I don’t need to rush around to get in office on time any more. I enjoy cooking breakfast, doing some early washing, taking my daughter out for walk. I can go to any place (museum, park, aquarium…) during weekdays not a busy weekend. I have more time to organise housework and enjoy my hobbies. But above all I spend a lot of time with my daughter.
  2. Enjoy the motherhood: I do enjoy my motherhood. I see my daughter growing every minute every hour. I remember I was so happy when I first hear my daughter saying “thank you mummy”. Because this is the good response for all my works. But the important thing is I become the person understanding my daughter most. I know what she needs, how she feels or might something wrong happens to her…. Because I am with her 24/7.
  3. Less stress: I can’t deny that all jobs have stress. And different job has different stress. Stay-at-home-mum also has a lot of stresses. I have stress of doing “no name” jobs at home, stress of talking to kid whole day, stress of doing so much for kid…. but I am sure these stresses will go very quick as soon as I see smiles in my daughter’s face.
  4. Good benefit: The beneficiary here is my daughter. I don’t mean she will get a good fortune or any fund. The benefit she will get is a happy childhood with a lot of memories about mum. She is well looked after by full of love and responsible. Besides that, I also have a bonus that I will grow my daughter, as I desire.

I remember one day when we woke up and my daughter sounded a bit sick with coughing, a little bit temperature and blocked nose. Then my husband said I was lucky not going to work while she was sick like this. I know I am.

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