Do you stop your kids watching TV?

One evening when my daughter was around 3-month-old, I asked my husband to look after her for 10 minutes so I could have a decent shower. When I finished and walked out to our bedroom to see my baby but she wasn’t there or my husband neither. I walked into the living room and couldn’t believe in my eyes. Here my daughter was sitting on the bouncy chair with the legs dancing up and down to the music of the series “In the night garden” on TV, besides that was my husband lying on the couch with the feet up and eating Magnum ice cream.

I said (with raising voice): “what are you doing?” – my husband asked (with a startled look), “what’s wrong darling?” I said it was not good for baby watching TV at the early age. She should stay away from TV until she turns 3 at least. He totally disagreed and said: “It won’t hurt” and the baby “is ok to watch TV at that age”.

I brought this story to my community nurse when I saw her next visit and she said the same thing as my husband did. “It is nothing really hurt the baby’s eyes when she watches TV” and she told me not too worries about that.

Back then, the baby is very little and most of the time she doing is sleeping. So a little bit of watching TV sometimes really is nothing and it helps to develop her vision.

But what’s happen when she is getting older and watching TV more frequently. I have been thinking a lot about balance her activities during the day. I don’t stop her watching TV but I only give her couple spare hours everyday to watch it. And it seems to work very well. But the most important thing is I control the TV’s program and she is always under my eyes. I can’t deny that she has learned a lot from what she is watching on TV and motivate her to more activities.

In my opinion, everything has two sides and watching TV is not an exception. Nowadays, kids grow with technology and TV becomes a popular entertaining appliance for every family. Parents play an important role in building the habit of kids in watching TV. I think, with a good guidance from parents, kids will enjoy watching TV while parents are happy to control their habit.

* Thoa Read *


5 thoughts on “Do you stop your kids watching TV?

  1. I was worried about letting our little one watch tv at first to, but he LOVES watching shows like Yo Gabba Gabba, Eebee Baby Adventures and oddly enough the Office. He has become so much more interested in certain things since introduced tv time. I agree with you there are pros and cons to both, but we have multiple reading sessions throughout the day. You’re doing a terrific job. Thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

    • Hi Morgan, I am glad you have the same point of view with me. I remember before my daughter comes along, I said to myself that I would never let my kid watching tv at all. But things changed and it’s better I work around with that than I avoid it.
      I just check your blog before and I really admire what you are doing now. You are a great mum. I have never known about MCADD until checking out your blog. You do such a good job. Keep up the good work! Cheers, Thoa.

  2. At first i was the same as you i never wanted my child to watch tv. But my opinion soon changed when he was cranky and the only thing that would calm him was the tv.
    I used the tv to babysit too from to i could pee without him screaming the house down. I do limit the time to around one hour daily broken to ten min intervals throughout the day i also chose what he watches. Mainly baby tv or mini mini.

    • Yes I use tv as baby sitter sometimes too while I am busy to do something else and my daughter couldn’t settle down. And it really help. In Australia, ABC2 is a fantastic channel for kids. They have a lot of interesting shows and my daughter just love it.

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