Sick season

I always have an instant hand-wash in my handbag so I can wash my hand when I am out about. Some people will say I am a hand-wash addiction but I have a reason to carry it.

Everyday I take my daughter out for a walk in the park and she loves the playground. We spend at least an hour there and she always ends up with morning tea. So a quick hand-wash before eating is indeed necessary. Or after shopping with hands all over the stroller, I really need a squirt of hand sanitiser. I always feel more comfortable and safe after washing my hands in public area. Even at the playgroup, I always wash my daughter’s hands straight away after leaving the place. I am not rude to the others. I just want to minimize the spreading of infections, especially in winter. I call this time of the year is the season of sickness.

Nothing is worse than a sick kid. If she is tired, I will be exhausted. If she cannot sleep, I will be sleepless. I think prevention is better than cure. And wash hands frequently are recommended for everybody to prevent flu infection and other respiratory diseases.

Luckily we already have flu vaccinate so it will reduce the risk for my daughter to catch any cold flu from parents. 2 weeks ago I read the news about hand foot and mouth disease in NSW caused the death of 4 people and has now spread to VIC. Mother of a 2-year-old girl, I know she only can take a limit of medicine. So I just do the best for her to reduce the possibility of getting the disease.

Any mother has been obsessed the worries like me?

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