Macleans Milk Teeth Toothpaste

I was aware to protect my daughter’s teeth since she first had her teeth at 6-month-old. But the job is not easy when my daughter doesn’t want to cooperate with me. Back then I only used the toothbrush to make her getting used to with the action. But apparently she didn’t like it and it always ended up with crying and playing up so I didn’t do it frequently.

Ten months later, I was determined to clean her teeth by buying the toothpaste. But I was concerned which brand is the best for my little one. Among all good brands I decided to go with Macleans just because it has a picture of The Wiggles in the box so I can show my daughter and tell her that she will clean the teeth with The Wiggles (her favourite icon).

Apparently it worked very well at that night. She didn’t have any complain when I brush her teeth with the toothpaste. I have to say she loved it. Now she always asks me for “The Wiggles” whenever she brushes her teeth. My daughter likes the flavour that much she always chews on the brush. It gets her interested in cleaning her teeth. I just bought another tube for her last week and it seems very good to her. Her teeth look cleaner. This is a good stuff to start kids on learning to brush their teeth. Would recommend this to all mums.


About the product:

–      Category: Toothpaste for children from 0 – 3 years

–      Brand: Macleans

–      Packing: 63g tube

–      Flavour: mild mint taste, sugar free

–      Origin: Made in South Africa

–      Price: $2.50 (Woolworth)

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4 thoughts on “Macleans Milk Teeth Toothpaste

  1. Great post thank you for sharing. Ive been brushing vs teeth since he was 6months he only has two bottom front ones but they still need all the tlc the can get at such a young age. Itz very important.

  2. We use that toothpaste too and we use his Spider-Man electric toothbrush however so we don’t have a world war every time we try to brush his teeth I’ve downloaded the ‘it’s time to brush your teeth’ song by yo gabba gabba (which is the squirts obsession) and happily complies with me brushing his teeth 🙂
    You just gotta do what you can to protect those little chompers 🙂

    • Thanks for the idea of downloading the “it’s time to brush your teeth” song. My daughter likes Yo gabba gabba too. Is this in Apple Store? Thanks.

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