Baby Oil and Polish Stainless Steel

Everyone knows about baby oil and all mums have this bottle in the bath basket to use for their children. I use baby oil not for massage my daughter (because her skin is allergy with this product), but for polish stainless steel products in the house. I always do this with my oven, microwave and fridge. And it works really well.

After I clean all the dust and greases on the oven by multi purpose spray. I pour a little bit baby oil on a soft cloth and wipe the surface of the oven. In a second, the oven just looks as it’s new. The baby oil will keep the fingertip away from the oven too and the look will stay for couple weeks. This one will beat all the special products for polish stainless steel.


Let spread the tips and we are all good housewives.

* Thoa Read *


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