Be your own way of motherhood

I believe that all mother-to-be s have read at least 2 books about pregnancy, motherhood and childcare. That is really good because it gives us a lot of knowledge and we will not have some initial surprises. However, we need to filter the information and only pick out the best suitable things for yourself, your kid and your current circumstance.

Like it or not, you will be distracted from taking care of your kid from people around you, especially family members, friends and neighbours. So you need to have a strong and clear opinion, do not let the comments around to shake your mindset. The first time mums always have these problems because they listen too much and they don’t know whom they should listen to and what should they do the best for kids.

Well, you are the only person understand your kids most so just do it in your way. Remember you are the one who carries the baby nine months during pregnancy, give birth and spend 24/7/365 with your kid since they were born. So you should believe in yourself and your premonition of a mother. It is always right to maternal love.

When your kid is sick, you’ll be the first one recognise it and know exactly what is happening to your child. Tell your doctor everything you see, you feel, you know as detailed as possible. Because it’s the best way you can save your child and help doctors diagnose the best.

Do not worry about the weight of your kid. If your child’s development is in the growing chart, you’re assured that your child is ok. And if the kid is happy, playful and eating well, sure you have a healthy child.

Never compare your child with any other child. Because each child is a wonderful thing that God has bestowed. They are physically and intellectually different. Do not force your child to be like any child. Be happy with what God has given you.

Happy baby happy family!

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