Good natural laundry liquid

Firstly, it’s made with natural eucalyptus oil and with Euco Fresh range helps remove dust mite allergens, a major cause of asthma & allergies. If new mums are worried about chemicals in laundry liquid to wash newborn baby’s clothes, then this product is a perfect one to choose.

Secondly, it’s a concentrated liquid so I only need a small amount in washing. I use 2 capfuls for a full load of 8.0kg washing machine. It makes a good soap while washing and leaves a beautiful aroma on clothes. However, this product doesn’t work well on removing stain. You need to spray stain remover on the clothes 5 mins before wash.

Overall, this product is really good and can be used safely on most fabrics. I not only use this laundry liquid for my daughter’s clothes but also for the whole family.


About the product:

–      Catergory: Laundry liquid

–      Brand: Bosisto’s

–      Packing: 500ml bottle

–      Scent: eucalyptus

–      Origin: Australian Made & Owned

–      Price: $6.98 (Woolworths)

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