Teeth grinding at kid

I just recognise that my little girl grinds her teeth at night when she is sleeping. I know I used to do it when I was a kid too and everybody I know, they also grind their teeth when they are sleeping at times. So, is it normal? is it unimportant? what causes it? will it become a bad habit in life?

Well, I take these questions to ask my friend, a dentist, he said most of kids will grow out of this and it is a common thing. I was in a matrix of information when I searched in google about “teeth grinding”. Yes, people said that you grind your teeth while you are sleeping because you have crooked teeth, sleep disorder, stress… and it’s not harmful but grinding teeth for a long time can damage your teeth, headache or sore jaw when you wake up. So what about my little girl? I can’t see anything of these information related to my little girl’s circumstance.

Then I came across the WedMD website and they gave me some tips on stop teeth grinding and it makes senses to me. You can find more information on this link http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/guide/teeth-grinding-bruxism

Anyway, what I have done to stop my little girl grinding her teeth while she is sleeping is:

* My little girl always loves a little trick after dinner and chocolate is her favourite. So I cut off caffeine on food before she goes to bed.

*Before bed time I ask her to do some relaxing activities such as: drawing, colouring or reading books. Instead of just letting her do whatever she wants… run around and play with hola hoop.

Guess what, it works! My little girl hasn’t been grinding her teeth at all for a week since I applied this tips on her. What an amazing result! That’s why I want to share with all mums about this. Even though grinding teeth is a small thing but it’s very annoying.

P/S the tips above may not work with you or your kids, please seek advices from your dentist for specific cases.

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