Kid writing backward/ mirror image

My little girl loves to do crafts, colouring and drawing as many children do at her age. One day after her 4th birthday she came to me and showed me the paper and said ” Mummy, it’s my name”. I couldn’t believe in my eyes that she can do it even though I have never taught her to do so. She wrote her name for the first time ever! What a milestone!

From that day I can see that she is capable in writing as she started to write my name, my husband’s name and some of her friend’s names. I thought she is enjoying her writing as it’s new skill to her. Now she always write her name on any picture she draws as a signature. And the concern happens from here!

I noticed that sometimes she writes it in the right order and sometimes she writes her name backward or mirror image. It looks funny and interesting and I first saw it and i think it could be her another skill. But when I talked to my sister about this, she said her daughter did the same when she first wrote her name and it’s’ normal thing and most of children will grow out of this habit when they are five or six. Oops, so it’s not a big deal and I don’t have to worry anything. But why do children write backward or mirror image?

Well, I asked Mr Google again. Sorry but he has been so useful if I need an instant answer for any concerns. This answer below from expert explaining everything about writing backward/mirror image and other related concerns if your children still do it at the later age.

So now I just let my little girl enjoy her creativity and natural developments as she is always happy, smiles and healthy.

* Thoa Read *IMG_2724 IMG_2725


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