Writing is one of my hobbies. I start writing since I was at high school with some poems, articles. But my writing was broken up for couple’s years when I moved to another city to enter university and starting up new life at new place.

When Yahoo! 360 became the most popular blog community, I was one of their members and that brought my hobby back on the track. I started writing again; just writing naturally about everything I got in my mind. But that didn’t last long either when Yahoo decided to close (or change) the blog. That’s really sad!

Like everybody doing at the time, I move to Facebook and hopefully I can do some writing here as I have done. But Facebook is not like a blog, it more like a tweeting community where people just update what are they doing or thinking…. just in a few words or share a photo to everybody. I did try several times writing in Notes like a blog but I didn’t feel they do the job.

Now after years I have been looking for a place to fix my hobby. I think I am landing in the right place where I can enjoy writing and communicating with people and blogging.

Even now I only do my writing during my little spare time while my daughter has a nap or watching The Wiggles (I am naughty Mum, sometimes use TV as a babysitter) but I really enjoy doing this. Even it will take me a couple days to finish a post but I am so happy to do, sometimes it gives me a good chance to refresh and review what I wrote before so I will look after my post more.

Four Miles Beach @ Port Douglas, North QLD, Australia

Four Miles Beach @ Port Douglas, North QLD, Australia (Dec 2012)

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